Since November 2018, I’ve been a nomad. In short, I no longer have a fixed address, and I travel full time. I stay on average 3 months in each country. The idea is to always be under the sun. I mean, almost! Until now, I’ve been telling my family and friends about my life. But I thought that maybe you might be interested in my “adventures”? It will not be a summary of the best things to see, but more of a logbook. My visits and what I think of it. The little anecdotes of nomadic life, the funny and the less funny ones, the differences of cultures and how one adapts. My everyday life, actually! So follow me and especially do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions! Here we go…

What you won’t find in this blog:

I’m rather allergic to shopping, to “buying at all costs”. As I’m a nomad, it suits me. I only have one suitcase, so out of necessity, but also out of conviction, I am minimalist. You won’t have good shopping tips, because for me, they don’t exist. The joy of buying is when you walk past a small shop and you see a product that you really like and you treat yourself or someone else. Wandering around big malls is not for me. A cheer-down minute!

For restaurant tips, it’s the same. Unless really, I find a super awesome one. Otherwise, it’s part of the adventure. Finding a small restaurant on the way, good or bad surprise, is part of the discovery. In any case, it will always be a travel memory, and a good story to tell.