Hey there!

I’m so glad you stopped by!

My name is Frédérique, I am 50(ish) years old, and I am a nomad. The dictionary defines it as “peoples whose way of life involves continual displacement.”
That sums me up. And to share my journey around the world, I created this blog. It will be the story of my discoveries, things I liked or not, my adventures and misadventures.

And if I inspire you to travel and draw your curiosity to the different cultures that surround us, then I’d be glad.

Long story short

For as long as I can remember, I couldn’t keep still and have always loved travelling. 

But I can only do it three weeks a year, during the holidays. Also, I felt like I couldn’t travel long-term with my children. Frankly, I even thought it was impossible. Whenever I read about families that travel the world, I get flabbergasted. I realise that with a lot of planning and organisation, you can do it. Nonetheless, hats off to them.

Having said that, back to me. I put my dreams of having a life abroad on the back burner and lived my life differently — carrying projects that didn’t involve me to travel, which by the way, I also cherished.

And then time flew by, the children grew up, life took a different turn, and there I was, at 45, newly remarried and ready to go on an adventure. I left behind my comfort zone to fly away and discover a new life in London. I must admit that the beginning was a little hard.

It was four unforgettable years but then the monotony started to creep back. 

But one evening, out of the blue, my husband and I decided to become nomads. How? In the most unexpected way. Some will even say on a whim and I think they’re not entirely wrong!  

At home, we were with friends reimagining the world over drinks. Cliché 😁 They were talking about their dream of going around the world! They explained how they envisioned it and their plan for the first six months.

I was speechless. Our friends’ dream was the same as the one I had buried so long ago. 

The evening ended. Our friends left, and while we were doing the cleaning, we spoke again about this crazy dream — a life of travel!  I didn’t know at the time what my husband’s feeling was about this kind of life. Fortunately, he was as excited as I was about this project. We didn’t have to think twice about what the next step of our lives will be, and we simply decided to make this dream a reality.

It was in April, and we made the decision that we would leave before the end of the year. In November, we left for Bangkok. 

What I love about travelling

“Life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take, But By the Moments That Take Our Breath Away” Maya Angelou

I love that quote. It sums up my state of mind when I’m away from home.I like to discover new cultures and their customs. Finding the secret history of a city or a monument excites me, and I’m specifically curious about people’s lives.

Lifestyle is different from one country to another, as well as habits. We have to adapt to each destination by creating new day-to-day routines.

I know that you are dubious. You wonder why I would want to create a new routine when this is what I ran away from in London. You’re right. The difference is that at present, my routine doesn’t last for more than a few months.

That’s all I want to talk to you about in my blog. And I will mainly tell you about things I’ve done and experienced — my experience of nomadic life!ence of nomadic life!