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Seychelles – 3 days on La Digue Island

La Digue is an idyllic island for dreamers. The perfect place to escape stress, take the time to laze around, to let your thoughts wander at the rhythm of the waves, lying on one of …

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Poland – Wrocław, the “Polish Venice”

Another two days of discoveries. I really like it. We planned to visit Wrocław, the “Polish Venice,” built around the Oder River and its effluents. The city is charming; it has 127 bridges connecting 12 …

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Poland – Two days at Masurian Lakes district: The Wolf’s Lair and The Święta Lipka Basilica

The Masurian Lake District We went to explore the Masurian Lakes district in northeastern Poland. It is a region very famous for its forests and lakes interconnected by rivers, thus forming a vast system of …

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