I made a miraculous find! We were in Indonesia in Bali and the mosquito war had begun for me!

So I went to a small pharmacy to ask for advice. I didn’t want a repellent, but a product to relieve itching. Thanks to my very good hand language, I explained what I wanted and the pharmacist sold me a lotion-like product. Happy with my purchase, I go home and finally read the instructions on the bottle. And there, to my surprise, it is written that this lotion does wonders on infants: apply on their little belly when they have digestion problems … Yes! I don’t think I look like an infant and didn’t mention any digestion problems. But never mind, I gave it a try.

The result is incredible! After a sting, just apply the lotion, and the pain and itching stop instantly. For real! So, since then, no going out without my little bottle. I also use an organic repellent. And the combination of the two is magical. For the record, a monkey stole my repellent and found it to his liking!! He left me a little drop fortunately!

You should as well wear loose and light clothing . It appears that mosquitoes are attracted to the dark.

The product is called MINYAK TELON. They are found everywhere on online sales sites. I also found them in a pharmacy in Malaysia.