Without hesitation, the first visit to make when arriving in a new city.

They can be easily found on the Internet, searching for “Free walking tour”.
The principle of these tours, usually in English or Spanish, is that they are free as their name suggests, and that everyone gives what he wants at the end of the tour. You can register on the site or simply show up at the time of the visit. The number of participants is unlimited!

Why I love these visits.

  • For starters, it’s a great way to discover a new city. You can see the main interests and make a map of the city in mind.
  • These tours are led by local guides, often students, and are very lively. There is a real exchange between participants and guides who share their views on their city and their life in it. They talk about real historical facts, but also amusing stories.
  • We can have real good bar and restaurant deals. Often less touristy places, but still very local.

I have never been disappointed by these visits. To try them is to adopt them!!