Our visits to Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings

You will find here the list of our discoveries. Click on the titles if you want to know more.

😍 Christ the Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf

The visit to the two emblematic monuments of the city.

A must-see that leaves no stone unturned!

😍 The Rocinha Favela

Before coming to Rio, I had not thought that this tour could exist.
When I discovered it, I was not attracted at first sight by the voyeuristic side that it could take. Two things decided me. The guide had lived in the favela forever, and part of the ticket price would be used to help this community.
I do not regret my choice because it was instructive.

😍 Rio de Janeiro – Guided tour of the old town and its botanical garden

When we talk about Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is at the top of the cities to visit, well before Sao Paulo or Brazilla, its capital.
It is a city that I have always dreamed of exploring, full of paradoxes, attractive and frightening at the same time. It is that of the largest carnival in the world, which illustrates Brazilian culture in its joy of living and partying. Brazilians are known for this side of their character and their warm welcome.
By contrast, the homicide rate is very high there, a hindrance for some.
We took the plunge and went to meet him, and our heads are still filled with the excitement of this “wonderful city.”

😍 Discovery of Lapa at night

We chose to discover the nightlife with an organized tour. We went to different bars to listen to samba bands and dance.
I confess that I would not have taken advantage of this evening so fully if we had been alone.
It was a bit pricey, but it was worth it for me.

😍 Angra Dos Reis and Ilha Grande

A boat trip from island to island to discover paradisiacal beaches.
Ilha Grande is one of the very famous spots around Rio de Janeiro. Both for foreign tourists and Brazilians who like to come here to relax and party.

😍 An introductory samba lesson

Take a samba lesson and experience a slice of the city’s fun, active and exciting atmosphere. That’s what the ad said, and that’s what we did.
It was very entertaining. There were a few of us, but the atmosphere was good. We learned the basics of samba, and I could apply them during our tour of Lapa, Rio’s nightlife district. The most fantastic thing is that when you try to dance in a bar, there is always someone to come and show you the “perfect step.”
Out of kindness, and also perhaps to amaze us a little!
I later discovered that there were more complete towers; one hour lesson followed by an evening to practice. I think it would be worth taking a look.
My conclusion: to include without fail in your program.

😍 Sunset on the tip of Arpoador

The favorite sunset of the Cariocas. They come here in large numbers to spend their evening and appreciate the glorious colors of the sky at the end of the day.

😍 Taste Brazilian gastronomy

Many restaurants offer Brazilian specialties for all prices.
It’s up to you if you want to try feijoada, THE dish of Rio.

😍 Brazil in a nutshell

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