Seychelles – 3 days on Praslin Island

Praslin is the second-largest island in Seychelles at 12 km long and 4.6 km wide, and has around 7,500 inhabitants.

Our arrival on the island

When we approached the island by boat, we admired the small marina and the green forest in the background.

The island is a rocky limestone peak whose highest summit, Zimbabwe, reaches 250 m of elevation. Three main villages are spread along the coast around the island: Baie Ste Anne, Anse Volbert, and Grand’Anse.

It seemed to be a perfect place to spend a few quiet days, enjoy the surrounding nature, and stroll on the magnificent beaches. We have already planned our various expeditions and were in a hurry to go on an adventure.

We disembarked and took the car we rented before we departed from Mahé.

On the road that led us to our rental, we were able to admire the island. It is covered with tropical forests with unique trees and populated by endemic animals. We heard that we could catch sight of birds such as the Seychelles bulbul and the Seychelles black parrot!

Upon our arrival, a pleasant surprise awaited us. We had two beautiful giant tortoises right next to our apartment. And they were super affectionate. They let themselves be stroked, and I even had the impression that they were purring! 

Best things to do on Praslin Island

Here we are at the heart of the matter — what to do when you are on Praslin Island? 

To help you make your choice, I present our tours to you, with a smiley that reflects my feeling.

😍 Do not miss
😃 Go if you have time
😐 Not very interesting
😭 Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it

😍 Vallée de Mai

Vallée de Mai is a breathtaking forest! When discovered by explorers, it was described as the authentic Garden of Eden. I immediately understood the reason for this comparison as soon as I passed the nature reserve entrance. Nature is lush. The trees are huge and millennia-old. The plants have giant, shiny, bright green leaves — a bit like a child’s drawing where the colors are often exaggerated and too vivid.

More about the vallée de Mai.

😐 The hidden waterfall

Right next to the Vallée de Mai, a waterfall is advertised on some maps as the “Hidden Waterfall.”
It didn’t take more than the mystery to make us want to go there. We, therefore, walked the kilometer that separated us from the entrance to the park to the famous waterfall.

But we were surprised to find ourselves in front of a closed fence. No doubt, a sign with bold red letters told us that it was forbidden to go any closer. We learned that the water of this river is drinkable, and it is collected a little further.

And since you can’t see anything from the road, there is no point in going there.

😍 Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio

Praslin Island is famous for its magnificent white-sand beaches. The two best known are Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette. And the good news is, there’s a great hike that connects them. So don’t forget to take a pair of sneakers and a small backpack for your water to explore this beautiful hike.

Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio is the starting point for the hike.

But it is also a wonderful white-sand beach with sand so fine and soft it feels like walking on flour, and an exciting spot for snorkeling.
The start of the hike runs along the beach, and on the way, you can spot the rocks that shelter fish.

To include in your day without hesitation! What could be better than a well-deserved swim after a hike?

The trail

The hike is a round trip we did in 3 hours. The route is lovely and very well-signposted, the view is magnificent, and the landscape changes throughout.

The departure on the beach
The entrance to Honesty Bar on the beach which offers delicious fresh fruit juices
At the end of the grass path, you will find houses on your right. You have to turn left to exit the property you are on. Follow the road for 50 meters to find a reasonably wide path on the right back into the forest.

When you get to the top, there are two options.

One path continues its winding ascent to the left and leads to Montplaisir, a slightly higher summit. It is then possible to go back down to Anse Lazio by taking a section of the road.

For us, we took a right and began our descent towards Anse Georgette.

A white marker that indicates the way
Even though we could see Anse Georgette, the descent was not over!
View on the golf Lamuria.
We were getting closer…
…and here we were at the magnificent Anse Georgette beach

Anse Georgette – Pointe Millers

It is possible to go to Anse Georgette by car. Take the direction of Pointe Millers – Golf Lemuria, park at the entrance to the golf course and continue toward the gate on foot.
To reach this magnificent beach, you have to cross the golf course for approximately 1.3 km in a beautiful and shaded environment.

Beaches in Seychelles are public. In some cases, resorts or, as in Pointe Millers, a golf course have been built around the beaches. This is the only way, it’s not forbidden to cross them, and you shouldn’t hesitate.

It’s a fun ride, and the payoff is worth it.

The lake in the golf cours
Another view of Anse Georgette

😐 Zimbabwe Mount

Reaching 250 m, it is the highest point of Praslin. We had seen on a map a path that leads to its summit and set out to conquer it. The idea of going to the highest point of the island was attractive…
But unfortunately, the path turned out to be a blocked road. Access is prohibited due to the installation of communication antennas. However, we stopped on the road to admire the view.

😍 Curieuse and Saint-Pierre Islands

A dream half-day !

These two islands, neighbors of Praslin, are definitely unmissable; Curieuse Island for its giant tortoise sanctuary and Saint-Pierre Island for being a great diving spot.

More on this incredible expedition

The final word

It is a stunning island, like all the Seychelles islands, but which has its peculiarities. If someone asked me my preference between the Vallée de Mai, hiking in the north of the island, or discovering Curieuse and Saint Pierre, I would not be able to make a choice. I enjoyed each of his outings for different reasons, and it would be a shame to miss it. So if you have to plan a trip to Praslin, spending two nights, there seems to be the minimum to discover the island.

I highly recommend renting a car on Mahé and Praslin. The islands are not very big, but one quickly feels isolated, and without means of transport, it isn’t easy to visit or even go to the various beaches. There is also no bicycle or scooter rental on these two islands. Finally, it is not recommended to walk along the extremely narrow roads. On the other hand, on La Digue, there are only bicycles and it’s an absolute pleasure.

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