Visit Costa Rica -Potrero – One-afternoon Snorkeling.

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran sunset

Snorkeling is an activity you want to do when you’re by the sea. So we decided to book an afternoon on a catamaran. We were so excited.

The program was simple. Embark on a catamaran from Potrero to a deserted beach that will be our diving spot, an hour and a half of diving, stand-up paddle or kayak, and return. The plan seemed perfect until the tour operator’s agent added with a smile that there was a meal included in the price, which was good, AND bottomless drinks! Which is not really my thing during a diving afternoon!
I think she saw my face because she added that it was not really the “spirit of Costa Rica”, but that it was fun. 🤨

So, let’s go!

A shuttle picks us up from home to take us to the beach where a little boat takes us to the catamaran.

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran beach

And there, the first surprise, the boat is crowded. We are a little disappointed, but we find a place to sit. On the deck, feet overboard. But at least we’re facing the ocean. The waiter offers us a skewer of fruits and starts serving cocktails. He will carry on for the 4 hours of the tour…

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran sailing

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran sailing snack
Fresh fruits!

I’ll have a Coco Loco on my way back for sure.

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran sailing sea
The sea is so beautiful

Discovery of the remote beach

The ocean is calm, the sun is shining, and I confess that even the music and noise around me don’t spoil anything. It’s just different from what I usually do!
We arrive at the beach, take our equipment, and explore the seabed.

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran diving spot

Unfortunately, the visibility under water is zero, and we have to give up.

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran spot beach

Stand-up paddle it will be. We row to the beach and find ourselves among pelicans fishing. It’s as if they couldn’t see us. They really dive next to us, and that’s magical.

We really enjoy these moments, but it’s time to leave and to go back to the boat.

The return to Potrero

As soon as we are on the boat, they start serving the meal. It’s good, I’m starving! The dishes look good as well. Fish wraps with vegetables, tortillas with sauces including a delicious one with cheese, and fresh fruits.

As expected, I order my Coco Loco, and we enjoy the return lying on the platform with our drink and admiring the surrounding landscape.
A real joy!

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran sail

And to make it unforgivable, the sunset over the ocean is breathtaking!

Costa Rica Potrero catamaran sunset 1

Music still playing, but everyone seems a little more tired. The atmosphere is calmer. The sea air probably 🤣

The crew told us before leaving that we might spot dolphins, stingrays, and whales. But for us, it was an empty-handed excursion 😏

To conclude

I really enjoyed this trip, the sea, the beach, the pelicans, everything was amazing. This said I don’t think I would do it again. I prefer smaller boats with fewer people and less Saturday night atmosphere! 😁

I have no regrets except perhaps for the price! Like all activities here in Costa Rica, it is quite expensive. We paid $85 per person.