Seychelles – Our hikes on Mahé Island

It’s on Mahé island that sits the Morne Seychellois, the highest point of the largest national park in Seychelles, the Morne Seychellois Park. We are entering a hiking paradise! The trails allow for the discovery of a wild and luxuriant forest and lead to belvederes that offer breathtaking panoramic views. And even though they are very short, they are often relatively steep.

The paths are mostly landscaped, with wooden stairs that blend into nature, making them very accessible. On the other hand, although we’ve seen people walk through them in flip-flops, it’s more comfortable and safer to have on a pair of sneakers. The peaks are often in clouds and frequent showers make the terrain slippery.

Along the way towards the peaks, it’s surprising to leave the coast under a scorching sun and enter the clouds as the road winds. The temperature becomes cooler even if it is still hot, and walks in the shade of the trees become more pleasant.

Don’t get used to it because we later realized that this is not the case on the other islands, where the vegetation is much lower and the walks more exposed to the sun.

😍 Our hikes in the Morne Seychellois park in pictures

Anse Major Trail

We started with stairs …
… followed by a passage in natural slabs

A path that runs along the coast

Less shaded than those located in the mountains, it not only offers an incredible view of the sea — above all, it’s perfect for a dip in the water on arrival.

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits!

The lush vegetation around
The beach in the distance, which opens its arms to us …
And here we go!

Dans Gallas Trail

This trail leads to stunning views over Beau Vallon Bay, northern Mahé, and the east coast, with Victoria just below. It’s one of the only hikes that offer views of the east and west coasts of Mahé.

We never tire of stairs 😉
The north of Mahé
Victoria below

Mare Aux Cochons Trail

At every turn, the landscape during the hike gradually changes. We started in the woods, following a small river with a yellowish reflection, crossing a small stone bridge, before arriving at the top and discovering an expanse of short grass, which reminded me of a golf lawn. It was astonishing!

During the 20th Century, there were many distilleries used for the production of cinnamon extract here. You can see the ruins of old buildings and the dam used to channel the water necessary for this production.

The Mare Aux Cochons freshwater swamp is the most developed of the few upland wetlands existing in Seychelles.

It is a freshwater ecosystem in which native insects such as dragonflies and damselflies thrive. It is also an essential source of water for the west of Mahé.

Copolia Trail

The only paid trail we did, the best-known and therefore the one where we were met with a crowd.
Despite having “conquered” several peaks, I admit that we still found the view breathtaking. I feel like I’m repeating myself when describing the sights, but really, even though all the peaks we have climbed are close to each other as the crow flies, the views we got at the top were still different every time. And all just as beautiful!

For once, we started with a staircase that went down
A bench that is welcome along the hike …
… before the last climb
The discovery of the breathtaking view
In the background, we see “Eden Island,” which is a luxury marina under construction. Out of curiosity, we went to see what it looked like but found nothing of interest!

Morne Blanc Trail

One of the wildest and highest trails we have done. We did it literally with our heads in the clouds but luckily got a little clearing up at the top.

We started our ascent
A funny tree
A staircase in the middle of the path leads to some ruins
We feel so small among the lush vegetation
The view under the clouds and the rain
We can see the downpours!

Les Trois Frères Trail

With an altitude of 300 meters, the path of Glacis, Les Trois frères, offers a magnificent view of Victoria, the marine park Ste Anne and other islands in the east of the archipelago, including Praslin and La Digue, when the weather is clear.

It was our last hike in Seychelles, and we had to catch our plane a few hours after our ascent.

And as our departure made us nostalgic, it was difficult for us to tear ourselves away from this site, which we appreciated, I promise you, at its true value.

Final point

It was not easy to choose among the proposed hikes which one we were going to do. But I think our choice was perfect. They brought us spectacular discoveries and views and allowed us to explore a large part of the Morne Seychellois National Park.

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