10 days in Seychelles – The Must Do’s

Frankly, who has never dreamed of visiting Seychelles? 😉

I’m sure this destination is on many people’s bucket lists; the warm sun, the fine sandy beaches, the blue sea, and the palm trees. Noting the paths traced in an authentic and preserved jungle, and the Seychellois’ fierce desire to safeguard the beauty of nature, all of this makes its enchanting reputation.

Here is a summary of what made us decide to come and enjoy the attraction of these islands.

We came here during spring. It is not the hottest period, and we have avoided the rainy season. Even though we had genuine showers, they never last, and everything dries almost instantly when they stop. It is one of the advantages of these latitudes!

We stayed for two months, which gave us time to tour the three islands. But don’t think we played tourists every day. Nomads work during weekdays…

Having said that, I have created a feasible 10-day program. To fully enjoy your stay, I strongly recommend adding a few days for actual lazy days under the sun.

Seychelles in a nutshell

Coco de mer, a Seychelles’ endemic fruit

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 granite and coral islands located in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa. Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue are the three main ones; therefore, we have set our sights on just these three. The others, more minor, are mostly nature reserves often open to the public or belong to private financial groups.

To learn more about Seychelles and its history, click here.

Navigate from island to island

There are regular boat lines that make it easy to go from one to another. One can buy a ticket at the ticket office on departure day, but it is safer to reserve your seat beforehand for peace of mind.

Getting around the islands

My recommendation is to rent a car on Mahé and Praslin which we did through the internet. The advantage is that the agency is waiting for you at the port to give you the vehicle, which is easier than looking for public transport.
Because even if the islands are pretty small, it is not always possible to get everywhere by bus. Beautiful remote places are not served, and walking along the roads is highly discouraged. They are dangerously narrow, have no sidewalks and plenty of blind spots. As for organized tours, there are few, and they are mostly reserved for some very touristy places.

On La Digue, where cars are prohibited (except taxis and hotel shuttles), you can easily rent a bike, which is essential if you want to make the most of the island.

Seychelles in 10 days

We started with Mahé, the main island where the international airport is located, then Praslin, and finally La Digue, the smallest and wildest of the three.

My personal opinion:
😍 Do not miss
😃 Go if you have time
😐 Not very interesting

You’ll find on Mahé


😃 Anse Royale: its beach and snorkeling spot

😃 Anse Takamaka beach

😐 The beaches of Grande Police – Petit Police – Anse Bazarca

😍 The coast of Beau Vallon. The tourist spot

😃 The Port Launay marine park


😍 Our hikes in pictures in the Morne Seychellois park

😀 Trail Anse Capucin; a pleasant hike that leads to a deserted beach

And other visits

Victoria’s Big Ben

😍 A visit to the Takamaka rum factory

😍 The King’s Garden. A spice garden located on the heights of Anse Royale

😐 NYS Village. An abandoned village…

😍 A visit to Victoria, the capital

You’ll find on Praslin

Paradise on Earth

😍 La vallée de Mai


😍 Curieuse Island and St. Pierre Island

Some hikes

😍 Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio – The north of Praslin

…and fish

😍 A snorkeling spot

You’ll find on La Digue

Island activity, copra, and vanilla

😍 Visit of the Union Estate

Some hikes

😍 Anse Cocos point
😍 Climbing Belle Vue mountain – Le Nid d’Aigle

And a bike ride

😍 Anse Fourmi

THE beach, one of the most photographed in the world

😍 Anse Source d’Argent beach

The discovery of an endemic bird

😃 The nature reserve, the Veuve Reserve

Final word

We had an unforgettable stay. It was so exotic and different from the mountainous region where I am from. You have to be aware that the climate is sweltering. Even though we started our hike in the early morning, we were sweaty after only a few minutes of walking. But at no time was I oppressed by the heat. Just remember to take water and wear comfortable shoes.

On the other hand, I had a lot more trouble staying on the beaches in the sun. It was impossible for me without the benevolent shade of a palm tree. And there is paradise! However, you should not count on cooling off with a swim because the ocean is so hot that the expected invigorating effect does not occur.
That said, as someone who easily gets cold, entering the water without hesitation was the height of happiness.

I could talk about this trip for days on end without running out of praises. It is why I can only recommend that you make the leap and go to these islands to be dazzled by their wild beauty.

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